Tech Savvy Tools To Manage Your Money

Ahhh Budgeting, you love it, hate it, find it scary or just don’t do it. If you have been to my blog before you know I love simple and if there is a way to simplify budgeting & tracking money I am all ears!

So what options are there to make things easy? Of course you have the option of the basic excel budget that works just fine for mapping out your budget, but tracking your money is the tricky part. You don’t tend to take your excel budget everywhere you go and would have to wait to manually input your purchases, etc. Having said that, a simple excel budget is important to have as your “blueprint,” and a great view of your plan, your goals and your progress.

We are, however, in the world of fast advancing technology, which does give us the ability to track our money easier with mobile apps. There are three financial sites with mobile apps that have free versions for which I like certain features. If only they would merge them into one app with those features. Just dreaming here, but a lady can dream right?

Our Favorite Financial Tools and Apps

1. Adaptu: This is a site similar to the more known, but personally I like Adaptu better. Like you can upload your accounts and it will sync any activity automatically. Some of the features I like in Adaptu: a.) the calendar tool—lets you see what you have been spending, b.) the reward cards—you can link your reward cards here, c.) the alerts—you can have it alert if you are reaching a certain limit on any account or reward card.

2. EEBA Can Help: If you like the envelope method, this is a neat app for that reason. You can group your money for groceries, eating out, etc and track it. As you spend your money you can input how much you spent and track your progress.

3. Lemon Wallet: This is great app to track expenses since all you have to do is snap a picture of your receipt and it will add it all up. How cool is that! There is no need to manually input the amount of your purchases. That is definitely a time saver.

There are many, many financial apps out there. Those currently are just my favorite ones. If apps are not for you stick to a simple excel budget. However, if you love apps test one out at a time and see what best suits your needs and then pick a winner. It does not have to be the ones I mentioned, your bank may have some nice features for tracking and budgeting on their app. Then form a habit to use it! In the famous words of Nike “Just Do It!” I’m sure you are as guilty as I am where I download a “cool” app and then that is that…it is forgotten about!

What are your favorite financial apps and why?