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About M. Byrne

Michael Byrne is an Accredited Financial Counselor ® and a practicing personal financial counselor. For the past three years, he has work with the U.S. Military providing personal financial counseling services and conducting seminars to Active Duty Military Personnel as well as members of the National Guard and Reserves. He also has extensive experience with bankruptcy counseling as well as student loan counseling. In addition to his AFC, Mr. Byrne holds a Bachelor of Science in Business from Southern Illinois University Carbondale.

Make Your Long Term Financial Goals SMART

Throughout your life, you will set long term goals for yourself and your family. Having long term goals is important. It defines your path to success and helps give meaning to your life.

Long Term Goals Are The Keys To Success

“What do I want to be when you grow up?” As a child, from time-to-time, all of us pondered that question. You may have dreamed up an answer to that question by picturing yourself in an important line of work; as a scientist conducting laboratory research, as a police officer protecting the lives of citizens, or as a professional athlete scoring the game winning point for your team. Continue reading

Piggy Bank

4 Major Long Term Financial Goals: Keys To Success

Piggy BankLong term financial goals take time, resources, and careful planning in order to transform them from dreams into successes.  Many of us share goals to save for college, buy a house, start a business, and enjoy our hard earned retirement.  Here’s our guide to getting you on the right track with planning theses major financial goals. Continue reading