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About Cari Lingle

Cari Lingle is an Accredited Financial Counselor with six years of experience in the banking and mutual fund industries. After working as a financial analyst in various capacities ranging from high net worth individuals to Fortune 500 companies, she found her true passion in consumer financial education and counseling. She currently works with military service members and their families, providing one-on-one financial counseling and personal finance seminars. In addition to her AFC, she holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration from The University of California, Berkeley.

Dealing With A Financial Crisis

A large unexpected expense or a sudden drop in your income can leave you searching for quick access to cash.  After watching a commercial full of friendly smiling faces, you may consider picking up your car keys and running down to your local payday or title loan company to get the cash you need.  STOP!
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What Is Your Credit Score

If you were considering loaning money to a friend, you would probably make a quick evaluation of how likely he is to pay you back.  Potential lenders want to do the same, but since they don’t know you personally, they need a more standardized way to evaluate your repayment risk.  That is where your credit score comes into play. Continue reading